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About Us

Unleash the Ability to Inspire

Physique Concepts is dedicated to helping you with your personal health journey. We offer individual personal training, group training, nutritional meal plans, and competition prep training.  Each program is catered to your individualized needs. 


Our Story

We met at the gym when we both were in the process of our fitness journeys. We both have always been active and loved working out; however, life events happened where we both ended up gaining weight. We started working out together and ending up dating and now married. While Jerry was preparing for his first Men's Physique Competition, Ashley decided to become dedicated in helping him prepare for it.  Jerry helped Ashley with her workouts in the gym while she helped him with nutrition and his stage presence. Both of our transformations have been amazing, and we did it by supporting each other through it all. We both decided we wanted to start helping other people with their personal fitness journeys and transformations. 

Our clients are like our family. We are all in this fitness journey together. We are eating the same nutrition plans and doing the same workouts as our clients are. We are dedicated to making sure you reach your personal health goals. 

Meet The Team


Our Clients

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